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Garment Care

Take care of your Now or Never garments and they'll take care of you!


Care instructions for all Now or Never garments

To maintain the condition of your purchase and keep it looking its best, we recommend the following care instructions;

Silk fabrics should always be washed by hand with a mild soap. Strong agitation in washing machine should be avoided, a reduced spin is ok to remove excess water. Dry in the shade and use a warm iron on the silk setting.

Our garments are made with a silk elastane fabric. Silk is one of the strongest natural fibres but loses up to 20% of its strength when it is wet, so it is recommended to handwash or dryclean only.

Always read the care instructions on the tag inside your garment carefully.

  1.  We recommend a short wash by hand using cold water. This guarantees your garment won’t become tangled or damaged by a washing machine. Cold water helps the elastic retain its stretch and shape, whereas hot water damages elastic, making it hard to maintain the original shape. Some of the dye may be realeased but this is normal, rinse in clean cold water until the water is clear.
  1.  If you do choose to machine wash, place your garment in a wash bag and always use a delicate cold cycle. We recommend hooking your bra together before placing it in the wash bag.  
  1.  We recommend drying your garment in the shade. This prevents it from being stretched or sun bleached. Don’t place your garments in dryers - exposure to heat may damage them.


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