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Love wearing dress slips

Worn as both under and outer wear, the popular dress slip has been a wardrobe staple for many decades - popping up in movie scenes, cat walks and red carpets. It's been styled a number of ways and worn by everyone from royalty, celebrities and super models to musicians and grungy teens. 

We've gathered a few of our favourite famous and fabulous slip moments. Enjoy! 


1920s silent screen star, Louise Brooks. 


A 1940s slip from the Metropolitain Museum of Art, NY collection


Sophia Loren, 1967.


 Nicole Richie in Marc Jacobs

90s super model trio: Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Christy Turlington set the trend of slips as outer wear. 

Kate and Naomi 

Princess Diana Galliano for Dior. 

Elizabeth Taylor as Gloria Wandrous in Butterfield 8 (she won an Academy Award).

Alexa Chung, 2013 

Actress Eva Marie Saint in On the Waterfront, 1957

Alicia Silverstone 90's grunge

Madonna, 1995 flashing her white dress slip 

Contemporary styles from our collections
Above: Now or Never Euphemia Silk Slip

BelowNow or Never Delphine Silk Slip

And another one from our collection,
Now or Never Claudette Silk Slip with Sheer Panel

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One for all the cat lovers…

Cats Editorial

We sure weren't the first to think a cute cat would make a great addition to a shoot.

In an ode to our always photogenic friends, we've selected some favourites from others before us who thought the same...

Image: Now or Never Ltd. Photo: Louise Hatton Photography

Image: Lara Jade

Image: Vogue Italia

Image: Karl Lagerfeld

Image: Vogue America

Source unknown 

And then there are these fantastic shots from LIFE magazine for a 1961 black cat audition 

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Wearing dress slips

With the wedding season underway, we've received lots of good questions about Now or Never dress slips from our lovely customers —so here are a few tips about why we love slips and how you can choose the best one for your outfit. 

Silk dress slip

Wearing a great slip simply makes you feel better dressed. It offers protection from coarse materials, creates opacity under a sheer garment, and achieves better draping and a better fit in outer wear. 

Now or Never's range conceal and cover without bunching or being visible - and as we use natural silk fabric, they're cool and comfortable on a warm afternoon. 

Our slips come in varying styles, cuts and lengths so when it comes to choosing the right slip for you, consider these factors:

  • The colour and fabric of the dress you’ll be wearing - light / dark / sheer? 
  • The type of silk fabric you prefer - stretch or no stretch? Snug or loose fitting?
  • The cut and length of the dress - a V neck, wrap?  

Click to view our collection of silk slips

And please get in touch with us if you have any questions

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Dreamy garden sequence (video)

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Better than chocolate, beautiful like you | 20% off our silk cotton robes

Wrap yourself silky this Valentine's Shop with 20% off our beautifully soft silk cotton robes

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